Timed Ranks

Time On ServerRankPerks
25 HoursKnightSky, Acid, Cave Block, SkyGrid. Access to Shops
32 DaysBearer/skull, /enderchest, /nick color, /workbench /fly Access to Magic
45 DaysMarshal
510 DaysSeneschal
615 Days Master/wand enchant
720 DaysGrand Master/wand restore

Donor Ranks

1VeteranAll Timed Perks, /nick, Player Particle Access, -Ambient Entity -Angry Villager -Crit -Witch *Styles -Arrows (Bow will shoot effect) -Normal -Overhead -Quadhelix$5
2LegendMore Particles! *Effect -Campfire Smoke -Cloud -Dolphin -Dragon Breath More Styles! -Beam -Celebration -Halo -Invocation -Move (walk with your effect) -Sphere -Block Break EGlow Access! -Blue -Red -White -Yellow$10
3Myth-Dripping Honey – Lava – Water -Portal -Spell -Totem of Undying More Styles! -Batman -Feet -Spiral -Swords (Active with you hit with your sword) -Thick -Block Place More Eglow Colors -Gold -Green -Purple$15
4Demi-GodAll particle effects and styles, Access to All Eglow Colors + Rainbow!$20
5God$5 a Month

Terms of Service:
By donating, you understand and agree that the general server rules apply to you just like they do any player. You understand that your money is going into an account meant for crowdfunding.
You understand and agree that in the event you may be banned for breaking the server rules, you will not be issued a refund.
You understand that you must be 18 years of age to donate, or have parental approval.