Our Rules

We have some pretty simple rules to follow while on TheFoxBox.net
They're pretty reasonable so make sure to keep them in mind during your time here.

1. No fighting/arguing. If you have an issue with someone, settle things in private. That can really kill people's moods!

2. No spamming the website! That's pretty self explanatory and gets in the way of actual content.

3. No NSFW content in public. Keep these things in private. There will soon come an area on the site where you can post things like that but we want to keep everything friendly toward everyone.

4. No hate speech! This includes racism, homophobia, transphobia, and anything else that may be deemed hateful toward a specific group or person. All are welcome here.

5. Pedophilia and zoophilia will NOT be tolerated under any circumstance and will be reported to the proper authorities.

6. No art theft! Credit your artists always. Never steal something off google or somewhere else and claim it to be yours when it's clearly not. Another thing to add is those who are found to trace art will be dealt with accordingly.