FAQ: Creepers

  • Henrick 

Hello everyone, thanks for taking the time to read this. I’ve gotten a few people in my DMs asking me about this so I decided to publish my reasoning here on the website so there is a pseudo-permanent archive of it.

Why don’t you turn off Creeper Explosions

Because honestly, it’s part of the base game, it adds to the fun of playing the game because it’s a layer of intrigue and pseudo-stress. Plus our server has a thing called CoreProtect rolling back Creeper explosions automatically, no moderator intervention needed.

What about a Plugin that stops them from griefing but lets them blow up on players?

That’s cool, a couple contra-points though.

First off, Creepers can’t grief (actually no mob can grief) as griefing is defined as destruction with malicious intent. The game’s monsters can’t think or reason (Unlike a player) they are just code. Thus they can’t have intent to be malicious.

Secondly, WordlGuard our basic protection providing plugin totally nerfs Creepers they hiss, glow, get big, and vanish. We are a PvE server and if one of our monsters can’t do damage then what fun is that?

Thirdly, I nor anyone else doing the technical work on the server has the time to configure a brand new plugin just to do a single thing. We are volunteers. Lachney is busy IRL with his relationship, Megakarp has to focus on work, and I have to focus on running my business. Plus I wouldn’t waste the RAM for a single purpose plugin that didn’t provide any other value.

What about the Game Rule “mobGriefing”

Straight from the Minecraft Wiki

Again thanks for reading this. If you have questions not covered by this then feel free to DM me.


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